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What Kind of House Extension Suits your London Home?

House extensions in London are increasingly becoming the popular way to go due to the high cost of moving and fluctuation of the housing market. It is the perfect way to bring change by adding space, and value to your home. Each housing style has a different type of house extension that best fits it. There are countless types of housing styles of the streets of London, and so there are also numerous types of housing extensions. Other factors besides housing style that play a part include roof height, your budget and needs, available space, and local planning regulations.

Before you begin planning what type of housing extension to build there are two things you should keep in mind. Firstly, do the proper research on what type of housing population is common in you area. For example, if you are living in a hip area with a large number of young people, a family-oriented extension would not help add value to your house in the future.

Another important part before you start is to talk to a local estate agent to understand what other people are doing to the houses around you. This is because every street has a ceiling value. If you over develop you will not get a good return. Our Town & Country team is happy to talk with you about your options.

Below are just a few styles of what house extension to build based on location or type of house.

Semi-Detached or Detached Home

Semi-detached or completely detached homes are ideal for a housing extension because of the amount of space available. The main factor here will be your budget and needs. In this case, you can extend on one side, both sides, or around the whole house. In some cases, you can also extend to add another level on a certain area of the house. The amount of rooms this can become is up to how much you are willing to spend and work. Of course, keep in mind what was earlier mentioned, you do not want to go too much beyond what type of houses are around you.

Loft Conversion with Roof Terrace

If your local planning regulation allows it, a loft conversion with a roof terrace is a great addition to any home. Recently the laws have become more relaxed, and in certain areas of London it is quite common to add a roof terrace. A roof terrace offers a great getaway from the busy city right in the comforts of your own home. Research has also shown that house extensions with a roof terrace have drastically increased the selling price.

Terraced Home

Terraced houses have larger restrictions on the type of housing extension to build. However, there are still many options to choose from. Usually only a back extension is allowed, but there are also other ways to improve the front of the house, for example a balcony area. Balconies are a great addition as an open social space. It also helps with insulating the house to keep it warm in the winter and nice in the summer.

These are just three of the many options available for house extensions in London. The best thing to do is consider your own lifestyle and what you are hoping to achieve from the housing extension. Call Town and Country Loft Conversions for an appointment to acquire information on what would be best for you and your home!

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