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Planning Your London Loft Conversion

Getting the quality conversion you desire

Loft conversions in London,  Essex and beyond have become increasingly popular as a way to save space and add variety to your home. You can transform your loft into numerous uses instead of wasting it on storage.   Here are a few tips if you are still in the process of deciding on your loft conversion or house extension. Planning in the beginning will help ensure the quality in designing and building the loft conversion you desire.

Define your Purpose

What would you like to add to your house?

Perhaps you need an extra bedroom, bathroom, playroom, or office. Or maybe it is a room for home entertainment or a gym.

The purpose of your loft is a prerequisite to the rest of the process. Think about your priorities and current needs. These ideas can be as conventional or unusual. It is important to decide early on so that you can check the need for a planning permission. Most loft conversions will not need one, but in case you do, you should get started right away.

Planning your purpose early will also help with understanding the timeline it will take for your loft conversion to be ready for use. Factors that play a huge role in the schedule include the current situation of your loft and to what extent you want to transform it.

The Town & Country team are very willing to help you with ideas if you currently do not have any specifics. Even if you already do, the team will work with you to finalize your ideas. Look at previous projects and photos for what might work for your house. 

This important beginning step will guide the design, help with the budgeting, and begin the positive communication between you and the Town & Country team.

Plan your Budget

Decide early on how much you are willing to spend on your loft conversion. This will help you and the whole team to set the correct parameters when designing and planning.

It might seem daunting at first with so many elements to consider. If you are unsure of how to start on budgeting, first get a free loft conversion estimate from the Town & Country team. You can also personally talk to the Town & Country team to acquire specifics.

Communicate with your Team

The most important element is to have constant communication with the design and building team. You want to ensure that your voice is heard in the design process while at the same understanding any restrictions that apply.

Another factor to consider is the whole building process will be in the midst of your house while you are living there. Communication during this time will help avoid any unneeded stress for you and your family.

The project will run smoothly if great communication is set at the beginning. Talk to the Town & Country Loft Conversion Experts when deciding your purpose and budget. Your initial meeting with the team will help you grasp a better understanding of all the components involved with your loft conversion. By working together, you will ensure that you are getting exactly what you want for your new addition.

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